We're finally home.

Belvedere Films has served us well over the years. It’s seen a lot of miles while telling a lot of stories. However, we decided the time had come for a tune up. After lots of hours, talks, designs, revisions, agreements and disagreements, we finally made it; to a place that feels good. Feels honest. Feels like home. We want our brand to not only reflect the quality of work we produce, but also, the kind of clients we like to work with: amazing, dynamic and kind-hearted people with interesting stories that need to be told. We feel incredibly blessed to do what we do; to be a part of people's happiest moments. To stand by them as they commit their lives to one another or as they bring a new life into the world. It's an honor we will never take for granted. We would like to thank our amazing couples for all their continuous love and support and for allowing us to tell their stories!

The creation of Belvedere Stories was truly a labor of love. It required taking a deep look at who we are, what inspires us and what our goals are as business owners and filmmakers. It was a long process that could not have been accomplished without the amazing, continuous support of Tatjana and Matt of Brought To You By. Change is scary sometimes, but with this super talented duo guiding us, we feel like we can take on the world! A million thank yous could never suffice! We were also very fortunate to have had our photographs taken by uber-talented Heidi Geldhauser of the highly acclaimed studio, Our Labor of Love, and we'd also like to thank Stephen Gray from the crazy talented At First Sight Films in Canada and Graphic Designer/String Artist Kyle Read for all their help!

Now for two people who are used to telling other peoples stories for a living, it was a great exercise in learning how to best tell our own. To stand back and objectively look at where we’ve been, where we’re going and to map out how we’re going to get there.

So how do we tell our own story? Well, the best way we know how, through film.

We are proud to introduce you to the newly refreshed & refocused, Belvedere Stories.

jen + larry

We are happy to present to you the highlight for one of our favorite couples, Jen & Larry. These two are truly a great match! They compliment each other perfectly, having started their own business together and enjoying the same circle of friends. Jen even finds Larry's snoring "soothing"...lucky man! We first met them at their friends, Nicole and Rich's wedding last April, when they were just starting the wedding planning process. Their road to the wedding was a bumpy one, resulting in a few venue/dates changes and setbacks. However, with a few short months to plan, they were able to pull off a beautiful event and celebrated with their closest family and friends. It was not only a celebration of love but, a celebration of life as well. Jen recently lost her sister Staci to epilepsy, and Jen & Larry made sure she was remembered throughout the day through toasts, touches of lavender and a meaningful bracelet that Jen wore, pinned to her dress. The amount of love and care that was displayed at this wedding was a joy and an honor to capture, and we thank Jen and Larry for choosing us to be there!

Ceremony Location - Temple Solel

Reception - Private Residence on Williams Island

Photographer - Cindy Karp Photography

Catering - Palm Caterers

music licensed With Etiquette

Baby Mylina

This is a highlight film of our friend Michelle giving birth to her baby girl, Mylina. For the entire month of February, my wife and I were on call waiting for Mylina's arrival. Though she kept us on our toes long after her due date, it was well worth the wait! This was easily one of the most beautiful and emotional moments I have ever filmed. What made this all the more special for us is the fact that Michelle and I shared play pens and grew up together, as our dads are best friends. Thanks to this relationship, I was able to meet my amazing wife at age 10, who is Michelle's best friend and lived across the street from her at the time.

To be able to film someone I knew as a baby, having a baby of her own was truly an incredible experience. I can say with all honesty that this was one of the most amazing things that I have ever been a part of and would like to thank and congratulate Michelle, Jorge and their families for inviting us into such an intimate moment in their lives. We love you, Cookie.

IN[FOCUS] Austin

I am really excited to be going to Austin, TX this weekend for the IN[FOCUS] Video Event! While I'm out there, I'll be learning from the guys that inspire me to be a better film maker. Featured speakers include Ray Roman, Stillmotion and Mason Jar Films, so it should be a great educational experience. The only downside is that my amazing wife and I will be spending our first anniversary as husband and wife apart. :-( BIG NEWS! We are upgrading all of our camera gear VERY soon. The new stuff will help us attain that much-sought-after "film look" so I can't wait until our next shoot! Maybe we'll have a little sample up on the blog soon...