ali + marcus: engaged

After a nice, long Summer break, our blogging vacation has now come to an end! During this time we’ve been busy working on lots projects and stories and we can’t wait to share them with all of you!

The first story we would like to share with you is Ali and Marcus’ engagement film. Ali and Marcus are an awesome, fun-loving couple that we are very proud to call our friends. This film meant a lot for us to document, particularly for Ursula, who has worked with and been great friends with Ali for over 5 years.

Knowing that Marcus was getting ready to pop the question soon, and that he wanted to create a custom wedding ring for Ali, we asked him if he would allow us to film the process. We were intrigued by seeing this universal symbol of marriage, a wedding ring, being hand-crafted from scratch and seeing the perfect ring from conception all the way to delivery to the perfect girl.

Mid-way through planning, Marcus decided that he wanted to propose to Ali during their upcoming vacation to Hawaii. He had the idea of proposing on top of the clouds at Haleakala Mountain, an active volcano in Maui known for its stunning views, epic sunrises and freezing temperatures. Due to a packed shooting schedule, we were unable to make the trip to document their actual engagement, but we knew we absolutely had to have it on film. So, we contacted Ohana Films who made the trip up the mountain pretending to be a tourist and captured this truly special moment in Ali and Marcus' life.

Ali & Marcus, congratulations on your engagement! We are so honored to be a part of this exciting time in your lives and can’t wait to continue telling your story!