roxy + rodney // miami, fl

We're excited to share the highlight from Roxy and Rodney's sweet backyard wedding in Miami, FL. Rodney and Roxy met at a bible study and credit their faith with bringing them together and strengthening their relationship. They're funny, sweet and generous people that love to host parties for their friends, so celebrating their nuptials in their backyard made perfect sense. They spent weeks shopping for antique furniture, finding the perfect decor accents and deciding on their favorite cupcake flavors to share with their closest family and friends. Rodney's daughter Brianna plays a huge role in their relationship as well. Roxy and Bri get along so well that you'd think they've been family from the start! Rodney's only complaint is that he's constantly being excluded from their girl talk sessions. It felt amazing to be a part of such an intimate event, surrounded by love and the best vibes. As the evening went on, it started to rain just as their reception was about to kick-off (which would typically put a damper on the party). After waiting about 2 minutes for the rain to stop, everyone just shrugged their shoulders and danced in the rain for the rest of the night. We're so happy to have met Roxy and Rodney and hope you enjoy their highlight as much as we enjoyed making it!

Venue - Couple's Home / Photo - Chris Sosa / Dinner - Mena Catering