super brother

As filmmakers, we love to tell all kinds of stories, but we are particularly attracted to the stories that capture human emotion at its best. What could be a more joyful and emotional milestone than a new life being brought into the world? There are few moments that are more beautiful than the arrival of a little person who has been patiently waited for and who was loved long before their first breath.

That is what attracted us to documenting the birth of Juliette, the daughter of our good friends, Tenchi & Frank. Already incredibly loving and attentive parents to their 3 year old son Jonathan, Tenchi and Frank were keenly aware of effects that having a new sibling can bring to a toddler. They worked on preparing Jonathan for Juliette July 29th arrival, getting him excited and letting him know that he was to be her protector. Juliette would now be looking up to him and he has to defend her and be her Super Brother. So, for this film we decided to focus on Juliette’s birth from the perspective of her Super Brother Jonathan. Children have a natural curiosity and overall cuteness about them, and Jonathan is no exception. Incredibly smart and adorable, it was such a great experience for us to try to see this special moment from his eyes. We are sure that Juliette will be safe and happy, as long as Super Brother is watching over her.

We thank Tenchi, Frank, Jonathan & Juliette and their family for sharing this milestone with us!